Melbourne media giant sparks rumour NRL have poached Crowded House from AFL for grand final entertainment


Eddie McGuire has sparked rumours Crowded House has turned down the AFL to play at the NRL Grand Final instead.

Speaking on his own podcast, McGuire revealed that ARLC chairman Peter V’landys personally called him to shoot down the Crowded House story.

“I was speaking to one of Australia’s most influential and in-the-know people when it comes to show business,” McGuire said.

“Who had no idea about the AFL and Crowded House and I mentioned to this particular person, ‘I’ve heard this morning that Crowded House have pulled out,’ and his first reaction was, ‘Yeah, they’re doing the NRL grand final’.

“I’ve subsequently rung Channel Nine in Sydney and they’ve said, ‘not to my knowledge, the last update didn’t have them on the bill’.”

Rock legends KISS have since been linked to the AFL grand final.

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