‘No one knows the club as well as we do’: Wests Tigers chairman confirms club will ‘rely’ on current CEO and GM of football to help in-house review


Wests Tigers chairman Lee Hagipantelis has thrown up more questions than answers giving several confusing responses to an interview with Andrew Voss on SEN on Wednesday morning.

The club struggled yet again in 2021 – missing out on the finals for a tenth straight season with the organisation set for an in-house review of operations including the head coaching position currently held by Michael Maguire.

Hagipantelis argued that the review would not concentrate purely on Maguire’s future.

“With respect to the review itself it’s being reported on very extensively and quite properly but it’s been conflated with some sort of investigation centred on one person and one person only and that’s not the purpose of the review,” the chair said.

Many have questioned why CEO Justin Pascoe and general manager Adam Hartigan are not being reviewed or put under the microscope as thoroughly as Maguire with Hagipantelis confirming both Pascoe and Hartigan will actually be helping with the review.

“We have a CEO who’s well qualified, a general manager of football as well and it’s an opportunity for us to sit down and rely upon that expertise and delve into the club,” Hagipantelis added.

“No one knows the club as well as we do.

“The review will be comprehensive, thorough and impartial and it’s done with one purpose and one purpose only… identifying how we need to improve next year and achieve the long term sustained success that our fans and members are perfectly entitled to.”

It comes amid calls again this week from the likes of Phil Gould, Brad Fittler and many fans as to why the club has never considered shifting operations to the rapidly growing South West corridor of Sydney.

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