‘I’m just there to win games’: Gutherson happy to move into centres for star recruit after Brad Arthur meeting


Parramatta Eels skipper Clint Gutherson has dismissed speculation the club is attempting to replace him.

Speaking on Sky Sports Radio’s Big Sports Breakfast, Gutherson conceded a conversation was had with Brad Arthur recently about potentially moving into the centres to accommodate a new recruit.

“We just had a conversation,” Gutherson said.

“We’ve got three spots top fill in our top 30 and we were just sort of going back and forth with what we need and where we sort of want to go in the next few seasons as well and I just said, ‘Let’s just look at everyone’.

“I’m just there to win games. I’ve always said I want to win and love playing footy and want to win games.

“Obviously this came out in the last 24 hours. I think it’s been blown out of proportion, to be honest. I said to Brad I’d be happy to do anything to win games of footy, as would anyone else in the team. It’s probably been blown out of the water a little bit too much but it’s just one of those things that once the media and player managers gets a hold of it, it takes off and I think that’s what it’s doing now.”

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