‘Unbelievable for the game as a whole’: Comedy icon Adam Hills and Aussies go down in first PDRL World Cup match to England


Aussie comedy icon Adam Hills, who has hosted ‘The Last Leg’ in the United Kingdom for several years, has spoken of how much this World Cup is growing the game across all different platforms, even after his first outing for Australia against England over the weekend.

The 52-year-old, who is representing Australia in the PDRL World Cup, was part of the team that went down to England on Sunday 58-6.

“It’s unbelievable for the game as a whole,” Hills said.

“What I really loved, someone sent me a photo of the screen of one of the World Cup games on the BBC yesterday and at the bottom of the screen it said ‘England v Australia PDRL’ and the way to watch it.

“That is enormous for this sport.

“How many kids are out there right now that now know they can play rugby league?

“I’m devastated by the result and all of that but this is an advertisement. This is shouting about PDRL to as many people as possible.

“This game hopefully will guarantee a game at the next World Cup, and the next World Cup, and then this will be a regular thing.”

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