Rookie English winger Dom Young says taking NRL leap of faith helped him achieve World Cup dream


Rookie English winger Dom Young has explained how a lack of opportunities at Huddersfield in the Super League saw him take a chance and head to Australia and the Newcastle Knights.

The winger, who also qualifies for Jamaica, says the intensity of the NRL has helped him achieve his goal of selection at the Rugby League World Cup.

“One of the reasons I left Huddersfield was the lack of opportunities and I’ve never really looked back since I moved to Australia,” Young told local press.

“It was an opportunity to improve.

“It’s a lot different over there, how serious they take it.

“I had nothing to lose, taking that leap, and I wanted to do it at a young age to try and learn as much as I could. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect but I love it.”

England open the World Cup against Samoa next weekend.

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