‘Honour your contract’: RLPA CEO Clint Newton’s blunt order to incoming Wests Tigers forward Isaiah Papali’i


RLPA CEO Clint Newton has a blunt message for Isaiah Papali’i.

Honour your deal at Wests Tigers.

Speaking to SEN on Wednesday morning, Newton was adamant that Wests Tigers were within their rights to dig their heels in await Papali’i’s arrival.

“What we have told him and his management team is that essentially.. it is their responsibility to honour the contract and not terminate,” Newton told SEN Sydney.

“There have been many situations over the last several years where there is mutual agreement to terminate. The (Wests) Tigers haven’t looked for that. Papali’i and his team are well within their rights, like any other workplace, to request a termination.

“That’s not to say it should be granted or that it will be.

“As it stands, this is really a discussion between the two parties.

“Our expectation of players is that they honour their contracts.”

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