‘Absolutely amateurish in the extreme’: Phil Gould hammers NRL ahead of Redcliffe Dolphins’ arrival in 2023


Channel Nine rugby league expert and head of football at the Canterbury Bulldogs Phil Gould has blasted the NRL for its lack of support for incoming club Redcliffe Dolphins ahead of their debut season in 2023.

Speaking on 100% Footy, Gould mentioned the AFL who had pumped silly amount of money into their new ventures like Gold Coast and GWS.

“I think the way the league has gone about its expansion project is absolutely amateurish in the extreme,” Gould said.

“There’s no draft, there’s no salary cap dispensation, there’s no draft choices.

“When they (AFL) put GWS into Western Sydney, the advantages and the amount of investment they put in to make the new franchise work was incredible. We’ve got no plan to bring a new team in. We hand it to Redcliffe and say catch and kill your own.

“Firstly they needed two years if you’re going to do it this way. They need two years to be able to recruit and get ready to have a competitive team, to attract talent. They needed two years of players coming off contract, not one.”

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