Parramatta players are now fighting over size of hotel rooms in bubble: Report

The disharmony at the Parramatta Eels is only going getting worse according to a report from The Daily Telegraph’s Paul Kent who revealed on Tuesday that there appears to be in-fighting regarding the size of teammates’ hotel rooms when they arrived inside their QLD bubble.

Parramatta are sliding out of premiership considerations yet again in 2021 and it seems that when it rains… it pours.

“What is believed to have begun the problems at Parramatta was the room allocations, which were decided by status within the team rather than personal requirements; in other words, the better players got the better rooms,” Kent wrote.

“The family men lower down the status rankings had no choice but to take what was left.

“Try explaining to a wife with three kids at her ankles that the reason they don’t have a balcony with ocean views is because they keep failing to push up on the inside.”

The Eels play the Cowboys this weekend.

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