California Rugby League confirm November’s ‘World Championship’ event for Sacramento and take aim at IRL



California Rugby League is pressing ahead by announcing a ‘celebration of rugby league’ to be held on November 21 at Sacramento Republics Stadium while also calling out International Rugby League for a lack of support during COVID-19.

Billed as the ‘Rugby League World Championship’, America’s best rugby league players will converge on Sacramento for the event.

“We feel the International Rugby League has neglected their claims of spreading the game so we are doing it our way – the American way,” CRL’s Tom Stevenson told

“Our talented players have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to play this year and we are excited for them that they can express themselves on the field in 2020.

“In the contract with the stadium, there is a COVID provision that basically states that if the number of cases doesn’t increase substantially we can have a 10-20% capacity of the 18,000 person facility.

“We are looking to build on the good work and momentum generated by our players and coaches to take this up a level and build into a strong 2021 and beyond.”

California Rugby league opened up with a successful double header event in San Diego in December which featured Los Angeles Mongrel, San Francisco Savage, Sacramento Immortals and Santa Rosa.

Meanwhile, former American footballer Monte Gaddis has announced the creation of Cleveland Rugby League in his hometown with Gaddis confirming himself on Twitter as Cleveland’s inaugural GM and captain.

For more information about the event in December head to California Rugby League’s Facebook page

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