The Raiders have a new star in George Williams but one former coach wasn’t that impressed with Saturday’s performance


Ricky Stuart is one of the best halfbacks to ever play the game and has high expectations of those under him but new Canberra playmaker George Williams has dispelled some myths about the Canberra coach who has a reputation for being hard on his halves.

Williams – an English International – was magic over the weekend as the Raiders put the cleaners through the Storm in Melbourne.

“If I do something wrong he’s into me as he is with anyone,” Williams explained.

“But he’s been great with, he’s not rushed me, he’s said go out and play your game and I believe in you and that give me lots of confidence.”

The Raiders are rolling are an early favourite to make their first back-to-back grand finals since 1990/1991.

“I was excited more than anything to work under him. The boys have said he can go mad if you’re not performing which is rightly so.

“I’ve expected what I’ve got from him and he’s been fantastic and I’m just trying to learn under him the best I can.”

But one man wasn’t that impressed with his performance at AAMI Park with his former coach at Wigan Shaun Wane chopping him down to size.

“I thought he did some good things but he can have more involvements,” Wane said.

“If George had delivered that for me at Wigan, I’d have been into him. I’m sure other Super League coaches may have been the same.

“He did well, no question. I’m a big George Williams fan. But he needs to improve.”

The Raiders next play the Knights at Campbelltown.

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