They are low acts: Parramatta star labels Adam Blair and Josh McGuire ‘dirty’




Parramatta centre Michael Jennings has labelled Josh McGuire and Adam Blair ‘dirty’ after incidents in the Eels win over Brisbane last Friday at ANZ Stadium.

McGuire can be seen stomping on the ankle of Eels captain Tim Mannah whilst making a tackle on the Parramatta forward.

Jennings didn’t hold back calling it a ‘low’ act.

“That’s dirty play and you can see he’s intentionally trying to tread on his ankle,” Jennings fired.

“It’s good that no-one got hurt out of it but with those intentions – you don’t need that in our game.



“I don’t intentionally go out to injure someone else. That’s just low, I couldn’t think of anything worse than to try and hurt someone else.”

Jennings also didn’t miss Blair who dove at his knees while on the attack only to miss Jennings and slam into his own teammate Andrew McCullough.

McCullough is now out for the season.

“Adam Blair went straight for my knees and he’s taken his own player out. I’m glad I came out of that with just a cork but it’s sad to see that his own teammate’s been injured from that tackle,” Jennings continued.

“I don’t think most players intentionally go out there to hurt people. I certainly don’t but we really don’t need that in our game. It’s low, it’s dirty.”

Those incidents were overshadowed by Kenny Edeards’ illegal tackle on Broncos flyer Jonus Pearson which some called a ‘dog act’.

Edwards jumped on a prone Pearson with a swinging arm but it was his shoulder that made contact with Pearson’s head.

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett said the Edwards shot was “not good for the game’’ but it would be interesting to see if he’d say the same about McGuire and Blair’s blatant cheap shots.

Opposition teams are fully aware of McGuire and Blair’s antics and it won’t go unnoticed in the playoffs.



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