Not Hasler’s fault: Johns says Mbye, Reynolds and Lichaa don’t have the skill to get Bulldogs to finals


Premiership-winning playmaker Matthew Johns has hammered the hapless Canterbury Bulldogs after their 36-0 loss to Manly-Warringah questioning whether the likes of Josh Reynolds and Moses Mbye were the right men to get the job done at Belmore.

“After five minutes of watching the Bulldogs with the football (on Saturday) I came to the conclusion, ‘They’re not going to score a point,’” Johns said on Triple M’s The Grill Team.

“Just the skill level, the most basic fundamentals, the catch and pass is so clunky.

“Watching them play, after five minutes I had no doubt Manly were going to win, because there wasn’t enough skill, imagination or creativity in the Bulldogs side.”

Matthew’s brother, Immortal Andrew, said something similar in Channel Nine’s broadcast on Sunday but his older brother Matt didn’t miss on Monday.

“My problem with the Bullodgs is this. At the start of the season I couldn’t have them in my finals,” Johns said.

“They can’t get there and it has nothing to do with Des. The fact is they haven’t got enough creativity and they haven’t got enough skill in the team.

“If you sack Des Hasler and you put another coach in will the Bulldogs improve? My thoughts are no they won’t because they haven’t got the cattle in the creative positions.

“The problem’s got to do with the players they’ve got in key positions and until that is addressed they can sack as many coaches as they want.”

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