Warriors star blasts teammates after woeful finish to 2016

Furious New Zealand Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson has hammered his teammates after they were hammered by Parramatta in their final game of the season.

The Warriors gave up 40 points against a beleaguered Eels outfit that was also finishing their own season from hell.

“We gave up, again, too many soft tries that we just don’t seem to learn our lesson from – it’s schoolboy stuff some of it, we train that, we learn that when we are coming through the grades,” Johnson said.

“It’s basic fundamentals which we don’t place enough importance on at the moment, it’s hurting us and it hurt us again tonight, it hurt us in the previous games [as well].

“I’m over it, obviously, it is frustrating… we all put in so much effort, we know the talent we have got, the roster we have got and we expect a lot more of ourselves.

“We are holding each other accountable, you can’t not call someone up on some of the stuff we are doing.

“There was a period there in the second half where we showed we can stop tries, we can turn away and keep defending and defending, and [all] it takes [is] a bounce of the ball to hit the ground for them to break us open, it’s frustrating and it sucks.

“It’s just not consistent enough, and that is all I can really say about it.”

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