Koukash says Super League fast becoming a feeder system to the NRL


Outspoken Salford City Reds owner Marwan Koukash believes the Super League is on its way to becoming a feeder system for the National Rugby League and is seeking a vote of no confidence against the RFL.

Koukash, who has been linked to possible ownership ties in the NRL, says the Super League is rapidly falling behind.

“My biggest fear is that in two years’ time, when the new television deal kicks in, the NRL salary cap will be three times that of Super League and I hear they will be increasing the size of their squads from 25 to 32,” Koukash said.

“That will result in good NRL players who normally come here staying in Australia and more of our elite players of the calibre of Elliott Whitehead and Josh Hodgson going over there.

“I can envisage Super League becoming a feeder competition for the NRL. No matter how loyal a player is, you can’t blame them for being tempted by the environment and bigger salaries in Australia.

“The NRL clubs are also being obligated to prepare players for life beyond rugby league and are likely to introduce a minimum wage which is likely to entice even more of our younger players.

“So there are serious challenges to our competition and my fear is we don’t have the leaders to address the issues. They seem to be more concerned with growing the game in France and Canada.”

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