Trent Merrin hammers NRL over double standards


Penrith Panthers’ star forward Trent Merrin has hammered the NRL and even took a potshot at North Queensland’s Johnathan Thurston.

Teammate Sam McKendry won’t play this week after making contact with a referee while Thurston – who made a similar approach at an official – wasn’t even sighted.

“There’s deadset been a few calls in the last few weeks that have done the exact same thing but they get let off,” Merrin said.

“But I think they’ve got to make an example sooner or later and they’ve done it with Sammy.

“It’s not a good move by us at the club. We sure are going to miss him this weekend, but we’ll cop the slap on the wrist and get ready for next week.”

“You’ve got the best player in the world that touches the ref and doesn’t get (anything), and then someone else does it and they cop a week,” he said.

“I think there’s a bit of inconsistency with that and I think I’ve even touched the ref and I got pulled up on it too. But I think they’ve just got to be more consistent with their calls.”

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