Former League Star Admits to Depression


Depression is a dark villain for men and women alike and stretches passed the boundaries of rugby league but it does help when players come forward with their own battles.

Former Rooster, Titan and Bulldog Daniel Conn has told The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential that he still fights the black dog daily.

“One of the best ways I manage it is actually helping other people understand it and deal with it,” Conn said.

“That’s one of the best ways I can deal with it myself.

“I didn’t really realise what was wrong with me for the first three or four years.

“At different times in my life, things have been pretty hard. It is a disease, you have to manage it at all times. It’s important to keep a balanced lifestyle.

“I do take medication. To be honest I was too stubborn and too proud when I was playing footy, thinking I could just deal with it. Everyone has a different diagnosis and different types of depression and for mine, I do manage it with medication and also other treatments that I have which is nothing to do with medication at all and is just about balancing life.

“I’ve got a good mix that is working for me.”


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