Bennett and Johns Back Inter-Changes


NRL competition committee member and Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett supports a reduction in the interchange and believes the change will improve the game.

“The coaches will not all be supportive of this,” Bennett told The Courier Mail.

“There will be blow-ups about it, that’s a certainty.

“That’s the way coaches are, but I’m OK with that. I want to do what’s the right by the game.

“We’d be kidding ourselves to think all the coaches will be supportive of (an interchange reduction), but they don’t run the game, the administrators do.

“Some will buy into it and some won’t, but that’s up to them.’’

Fellow supporter, Triple M’s Matthew Johns has backed the review.

“If they have the guts to really make this decision it’ll be the most positive move, rules-wise, for 25 years,” Johns said on The Grill Team.

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