In November of 2015, The81stMinute team came together to announce the first 25 inductees into our own Hall of Fame. In mid-2016, three more men were inducted.

2015 Inductees:
Clive Churchill
Reg Gasnier
Bob Fulton
Johnny Raper
Graeme Langlands
Wally Lewis
Arthur Beetson
Andrew Johns
Dally Messenger
Frank Burge
Dave Brown
Brian Bevan
Norm Provan
Mal Meninga
Darren Lockyer
Ron Coote
Steve Walters
Glenn Lazarus
Ken Irvine
Duncan Hall
Ellery Hanley
Noel Kelly
Billy Smith
Allan Langer
Frank Farrell

2016 June Inductees:
Jack Gibson
Frank Hyde
Keith Holman

2016 October/November/December Inductees:
Peter Sterling
Ray Stehr
Harry Bath
Arthur Halloway
Mick Cronin
Eddie Lumsden
Les Johns
John Sattler
Sandy Pearce
Michael Cleary

As voted by fans, December 2016:
Arthur Summons

2017 May/June Inductees:
Steve Mortimer
Banjo Paterson 
John O’Gready
Steve Rogers
Keith Barnes

2017 November Inductees:
Puig Aubert
Stacey Jones
Alex Murphy
Billy Boston

December 2017 Inductees:
Col Pearce
Rex Mossop
Ken Kearney

Victor Trumper