September 24, 2021

‘Sticks and stones’: If you’re arrested at gunpoint for home invasion and assault you’re going to cop a few nicely-placed on-field sledges

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Will Chambers is not everyone’s cup of tea – you’d be hard pressed to find many that enjoy his flavour.

The veteran Cronulla centre has been hammered across social media for sledging several New Zealand Warriors players in their match at Suncorp Stadium over the weekend.

Apparently sledging isn’t allowed in the world’s fiercest rugby league competition.

At one point, Warriors prop Kane Evans dropped the ball and Chambers let him know about it.

Good for him.

That is part of the game, still, right?

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Evans couldn’t handle it and threw two of the worst straight lefts you’ve ever seen and was rightfully sin-binned.

He came back onto the field and was binned again for a soft back-slam on the same man.

Now it has come to light that Chambers was also in to Matt Lodge in the same game.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday night that Chambers took aim at both Lodge and his teammate and brother-in-law Sean O’Sullivan.

Winger Dallin Watene-Zalezniak was also sucked into the crap and has also been suspended.

Warriors CEO Cameron George didn’t help matters when he came out publically and said Chambers “crossed a line”.

So what did Chambers say?

According to the News Corp report, Chambers ripped into Lodge after the front-rower hit him high.

“You shouldn’t even be on the field. You should be in jail for what you have done,” Chambers reportedly said to Lodge.

Chambers was of course referring to a horror incident in New York several years ago where Lodge was arrested at gunpoint by the NYPD for home invasion and assaulting several tenants.

Many believe Lodge should have never been allowed back in the NRL.

It is understood Lodge has turned his life around and is doing some good things away from the field.

He’s playing some great footy since leaving the Broncos.

But that doesn’t mean he, or anyone else, shouldn’t be immune to on-field sledging.

It isn’t pretty but if Chambers wants to run his mouth – so be it.

Chambers won the first couple of rounds against the Warriors and it appeared his well-placed verbal tirades would get the Sharks across the line. Yet somehow, the Warriors held their nerve and won in an upset 18-16.

Warriors coach Nathan Brown wasn’t too fussed about Chambers’ tactics.

“I don’t think Will targeted any of our players in particular – I think most of our players got some sort of feedback from him,” Brown said on Wednesday.

“Some handled it very well, some reacted in a manner you’d hope they didn’t. To my knowledge, Kane hasn’t responded like that in a first grade game in his time at the Roosters or Parra.

“Certainly the other day, he responded in a manner he wished he didn’t, but it’s happened now and the key is he learns from it. We got the win and out of it all, Kane can learn some lessons and hopefully so can Dallin.”

The Warriors still won the game.

Is that the blueprint for teams playing Chambers in the future?

Ignore him and play football?

Sticks and stones.


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