December 10, 2022

‘Want to be a part of it’: Damien Cook joins Trent Robinson and James Tedesco in wanting Kangaroos at the 2021 World Cup

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Australian Kangaroos and NSW Blues hooker Damien Cook is the latest big name to commit to travelling to the United Kingdom for the World Cup despite the NRL yet to sign off on sending the national team due to COVID concerns.

Cook’s comments come after both Trent Robinson and James Tedesco supported going to England at the end of the season.

“Look, it is going to be a long time away from home, but I’m not passing up the opportunity to possibly be a part of the World Cup that is for sure,” Cook said.

“The opportunity to play in a World Cup if I was selected I’d want to be a part of it.

“I understand they have to go through the right things to make sure they protect the players, but if it is a chance to go to the World Cup and I’m picked, I would be wanting to go over there.”

World Cup organisers have confirmed the tournament will go ahead with or without the Kangaroos.

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