May 19, 2022

Go figure: Bloke caught with MDMA at a casino and recorded snorting a dubious substance in 2016 left his wallet and car with personalised number plates at Dragons party

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As if being one of the St George Illawarra Dragons players being caught out at an illegal party that broke the strict NRL COVID-19 protocols and basic NSW Government rules wasn’t enough – Corey Norman was seen running from the party broken up by police while leaving his wallet and his car (with personalised number plates out the front).

Teammate Paul Vaughan has been sacked for hosting the party after the Dragons defeated the Warriors in Gosford by the skin of their teeth.

Jack de Belin hid under a bed as police investigated the premises.

Others scrambled and tucked themselves into cupboards and wardrobes.

We keep talking about the chances de Belin has been given.

But what about Norman?

What is it going to take?

In 2016, while playing for Parramatta, the half was arrested at Star City casino after police seized MDMA from his persons.

Around the same time, he was also busted “filming drug use and sexual activity and consorting with known criminals.”

Although it was reportedly found that the sex video was released against his wishes.

A few months later, the Eels made him captain of their Auckland Nines side.

Go figure.

Eventually Parramatta flicked him.

“Catch ups” ... Daniel Son, Jarryd Hayne and Corey Norman.
Via Instagram

And on to the Dragons he went.

Now, here we are.

Oh, we’ve already forgotten the Instagram post a few months ago with convicted rapist Jarryd Hayne.

We’d ask some of these players to read the room sometimes but it appears they can barely read to begin with.

At the very least, in good news for Dragons fans, officials confirmed earlier in 2021 that they wouldn’t be renewing Norman’s contract for 2022.

“We just had to make a decision on Corey – we gave it a lot of thought,” Dragons coach Anthony Griffin said.

“I spoke to Corey last week and let him know that he wouldn’t be offered a contract and he understood. We’ve got some good young halves coming through. He understood and we move forward.”

As of this writing, we’re still scratching our heads as to how Norman still has a job at St George Illawarra?

Even for the remainder of this season.

How can you keep him?

Have we missed it?

Surely, he’s gone!?

Apparently not.

Norman’s clothing company backed him via Instagram.

“Our story is our story and its uniquely us!” the posted to their official page.

“We don’t hinde from often [sic] we front the camera for it.

IDIOTS: Disgraced Dragons players hid under beds and in cupboards as police shut down COVID-breaching party

“I’ve got big dreams for this brand we’re going to do some amazing for our community but these flaws of ours are foundation of growth!

“Our scars give us reminders of lessons we’ve learnt.

“If you’re looking for the perfect brand we ain’t it – I’ll always stand by my friends it’s how we were all raised. Flaws and all.”

The post was signed off on by Norman’s co-founder Isaac John.

Neighbours of the Vaughan’s were well aware of the noise and the party hours before the police were eventually called.

The fact that the players scrambled and ran for the hills like underage delinquents is a fair sign they knew what they were doing to start with.

And it wasn’t just these so-called professional athletes.

It was their wives and girlfriends as well.

Scampering away like naughty school children.

All the while, everyone else in Sydney and surrounds are doing their best to obey the laws.

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