June 26, 2022

ARL Commission to enforce new rule that will stop players breaking contracts for more money at rival clubs

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The ARL Commission are set to rubber stamp new rules which will stop players and their managers attempting to get out of existing contracts early to sign somewhere else on a larger salary according to News Corp.

Fans and many experts within the NRL have become disillusioned with how easy it seems to be for a player’s management to start a campaign which always seems to see the player released and fall into the lap of another team.

The new rule will not allow a player to leave one club for another prior to their contract running out for more money.

Wests Tigers, for example, seems to be always in the thick of it.

Ryan Matterson left the club after just one season and was released to Parramatta on a larger contract. It came after an avalanche of leaks to the media about how unhappy he was with Wests Tigers and officials.

Something similar has happened with Josh Aloiai.

Meanwhile Wests Tigers winger David Nofoaluma has been linked to several Sydney clubs as he admits that he wants to look after his family when his current deal runs out at the end of 2021.

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