One million reasons why Broncos CEO Paul White should be joining Anthony Seibold in the line at Centrelink

August 24, 2020 0 By The81stMinute



Brisbane Broncos CEO Paul White stood in front of the world in December of 2018 and proudly confirmed the signing of Anthony Seibold as head coach on a four-year deal.

The second Wayne Bennett era was officially over.

“We have done a thorough due diligence and as a result we have got the best person for the job in Anthony,” White beamed.

“Our job is to look after the long-term future of this club and that is what we have done through Anthony’s appointment.”

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These comments are the reason White should be lining up next to Seibold at Centrelink very soon, if as expected, Seibold takes a reported $1 million payout to leave his post at Red Hill.

It was White’s sword used to assassinate Bennett and replace with him Seibold.

Now White must fall on the same blood-soaked blade.

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For months leading up to Seibold’s arrival, a power struggle took place between White and Bennett.

In August of that year, players snubbed a dinner at White’s home and attended a barbecue at Bennett’s instead. At the time it was reported as an obvious show of respect for the legendary coach and a middle finger to Broncos head office.

Some will tell you White went behind Bennett’s back several times in an attempt to replace him – despite Bennett being contracted for 2019 and requesting a contract extension that would see the great mentor retire from coaching at the end of the 2020 season.

White contacted Melbourne’s Craig Bellamy in May of 2018.

Then they reached out to Seibold (who was also under contract at the Rabbitohs).

In December, Bennett confirmed he wasn’t going anywhere but by then – the Broncos already had Seibold.

Two days later he was sacked via voicemail by White.

Bennett had apparently been contacting Rabbitohs players about future plans.

There’s no good guy or bad guy in the Bennett versus White feud.

But after all the mud-slinging, White needed Seibold to perform.

White bet everything on Seibold to be the next Wayne Bennett.

Now Seibold is expected to quit his post and collect a cool $1 million.

Perhaps the Broncos will do their “due diligence” and review Paul White’s position too.


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