January 25, 2022

‘A team with no soul’: Immortal Andrew Johns hammers ‘pathetic’ Wests Tigers after loss to Roosters

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Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns has ripped Wests Tigers to shreds on the Wide World of Sports’ Final Whistle labeling their first-half performance “pathetic” as they trailed 20-0.

“Some of the individual efforts defensively, I was sitting there watching it just shaking my head,” Johns said.

“I feel for Michael Maguire, he’s a really hard-edged coach. He builds his game on defence. What I saw in the first half it was like under-10’s stuff.

“They came back, they got it to 20-12 and had a sniff. Then the Roosters scored one try with 15 minutes to go and they just ran away with it.

“The Tigers at the moment are a team playing with no soul.

“I imagine Michael Maguire will be just laying at home in bed thinking ‘What have I got to do?’

“And there’s no relief with salary cap, this squad they’ve got they’ve got for the next 12-18 months.”

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