Sam Burgess jokingly rips ‘peasant’ Kanye after strange London encounter alongside Russell Crowe


If you thought Ray Warren and Snoop Dogg hanging out on a plane was weird…

South Sydney legend Sam Burgess has revealed a strange encounter while out drinking with Rabbitohs owner and Hollywood actor Russell Crowe.

“Kanye just walked in the room and sat down,” Burgess told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

“I didn’t think it was Kanye at the start because he was so small. I couldn’t believe it.”

And then Kanye placed his laptop on the table.

“He was showing me the new Yeezy stuff that he’d designed. He’d just been at Paris Fashion Week,” Burgess continued.

“I’m going, ‘That’s cool. What’s your inspiration?’ He said, ‘Oh, I’m making clothes for poor people, just like you!’”

Not one to miss his chance – Burgess hit straight back at the rap mogul.

“He ordered two chocolate cakes and he was slurping these chocolate fondant cakes and I’m watching him eat his cake going, ‘What a peasant!’”

“He called me a ‘poor guy’ and I’m watching him eat chocolate cake like he’s never eaten it before!”

At another point, Burgess noticed e-mails popping up on Kanye’s laptop from wife Kim Kardashian.

“I was so close to reaching over and clicking on it. I wanted to see what she was writing to him while I was sat there. She might have been sending him a picture.”

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