‘Faecal matter flies wouldn’t touch’: The Broncos are at the absolute end of the world before you come back around



At the end of season 1990, Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett sacked Wally Lewis – an Immortal. It sparked a string of events that would see the Queensland club become the most dominant rugby league force on the planet.

Oh how the Broncos have fallen.

If there ever was a feud between Bennett and current Brisbane boss Anthony Seibold – it has been rubbed out. Like it was ever a real thing.

Some, at different points, have argued that Seibold was the next “career coach” and that’s why he got the job at the Broncos – replacing Bennett – ahead of someone like Kevin Walters.

Truth is the Broncos were controlled by outside sources with player destiny in someone else’s hands.

Before Bennett was pushed out of Brisbane, the talk was Walters had the job.

Seibold’s manager, some would say, made an offer the Broncos couldn’t refuse.

Something about owning half the squad’s contracts…

So Seibold was in.

Bennett came back to Sydney.

The proof about Seibold hasn’t been in the results.

Forget another huge loss in Friday night footy.

Fact is Bennett showed Wally Lewis the door.

Seibold can’t even tap Darius Boyd on the shoulder.

And there is the problem.

Wests Tigers just pumped the Broncos 48-0 and made Wests look like the Harlem Globetrotters, Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United and MJ’s Bulls all rolled into one.

Most people south of the Tweed have little sympathy for Brisbane.

But they have become pathetic.

Less than mediocre.

Player’s careers are going backwards and they aren’t even trying.

The proof is in their defensive efforts and tonight was no different. Halfback Brodie Croft let in a try because he didn’t want to put his body on the line. Boyd, for the millionth time in the last year did the same in the second half.

It’s a disgrace to the Broncos and it’s now becoming disrespectful for park footballers who have to sit at home during COVID-19 who can’t even get a game for their local club.

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These are professional athletes who go on and on and on and on about how it’s a new world and they have to support themselves and their families.

Money talks.

Well guess what… money doesn’t talk when you can’t tackle or run or put your body on the line.

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You may or may not like your coach but the “new world” works both ways.

There isn’t a player in that current Brisbane team that deserves interest from any other club in the league.

Seibold has failed you… yes.

Broncos CEO Paul White has failed Seibold.

What the players are throwing up is faecal matter flies wouldn’t touch.

And so it goes.

The worst part is that the Broncos have been in some dark spots but they always found a way out of it. This is just embarrassing. It’s the absolute end of the world before you come back around.

Ironically, if CEO Paul White is forced to sack Seibold, he’s sacking himself.

Why wouldn’t Wayne Bennett be laughing?


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