April 22, 2021

COMMENT: A Cronulla Sharks fan went to the footy in Sydney and Melbourne folk (and other hippies) had a cry

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Member for Cook and avid Cronulla Sharks fan Scott Morrison is wondering what all the fuss is about on Saturday night after attending his local footy club’s match around the corner from his house.

Morrison watched on from the stands as Cronulla went down in a heavy loss to Penrith at Kogarah Oval in Saturday afternoon footy.

Apparently taking leave and spending time with family doesn’t allow you to go to the footy for a few hours.

Some on social media couldn’t understand it.

Most were from Melbourne.

Instead of concentrating on their lack of respect for COVID-19 lockdown rules, current cases or the spread coming into the state of NSW across the border they decided to have a go at Morrison.

A minute ago, Victorians hated their Premier Daniel Andrews.

Now it’s not his fault because Morrison went to watch his club play?

How about staying at home for a few weeks?

Sydney isn’t in lockdown.

Keyboard warriors jumped on with the hashtag #NotMyPM.

“He is entitled to a break, but this is ridiculous. Going to the rugby [sic], celebrating and cheering, while Victoria is in a state of crisis, is just wrong. Read the room, @ScottMorrisonMP #NotMyPM,” one posted.

We’ve all been reading the room, young blood.


“You are a genuine clown if you’re calling for the resignation of Dan Andrews but support Morrison. One of them is putting in ridiculous hours for their people. The other takes a holiday and goes to the footy in the middle of the biggest outbreak in the country.”

What a load of crap.

If those in Melbourne weren’t so arrogant about the lockdown laws in the first place nobody would be crying about Morrison watching the Sharks at Kogarah Oval.

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