May 14, 2021

Legendary half questions how little time Tom Dearden received in Brisbane’s shock loss to Titans

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Legendary half Matthew Johns has questioned how the under siege Brisbane Broncos used rookie playmaker Tom Dearden in their shock loss to the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday night.

Speaking on Fox League, Johns said the new rule changes in the ruck had effected the Broncos more than any other other side in the NRL.

“Those first two rounds, football-wise with their halves, they relied on heavy structure,” Johns said. “It worked in the slower game but in the faster game, where you’ve got to play reactive football, they just can’t create,” John said.

“This is what I don’t get from the other night and where I think they’re losing their way is that they were talking about Tom Dearden being the future of the club.

“Now I was saying, ‘Where’s Tommy Dearden been?’ They finally put him on the bench. I thought he would start because they need someone to steer them around the park.

“They put him on the bench and with 20 minutes to go they finally bring him on and they play him at hooker.”

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