‘The world doesn’t revolve around the Roosters’: Rivals aren’t happy with Nick Politis’ complaints over draw


Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis isn’t a fan of the new NRL draw calling it “a TV schedule” telling Fox Sports he has banned the word ‘draw’ within his club.

“It’s not a draw – it’s a TV schedule,” Politis said.

“A draw is when you’ve got fairness. I’ve told (Roosters CEO) Joe Kelly we’re banned from using the word draw.

“I’ve been bringing this up at the chairmans’ meeting for the last couple of years now.

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“What’s next? We’ve had the rule changes, the referees, next thing they’ll tell us we can only take the field with 12 players.”

But Politis hasn’t found much support online from fans with one calling him a “perennial whinger”.

Another called it “the largest pot kettle ever”.

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One source at a rival club has told the81stminute.com that Politis needed to “put a sock in it”.

“Is Nick Politis really going to have a moan about the draw?” the source said.

“The chairman with the most money, with the deepest pockets, with the most sources at his disposal is upset at the draw?

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“They’ve won the last two premierships – somebody needs to remind Nick the world doesn’t revolve around the Roosters.”

The Roosters are currently 0-2 with Politis recently advocating for competition points already accrued to be dumped when the season restarted.

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