Raiders legend says John Bateman isn’t worth $800,000 per season


Canberra Raiders legend Laurie Daley believes John Bateman is not worth the $800,000 he is asking for as negotiations between the Raiders and Bateman’s manager threaten to hinder the team’s season return.

Speaking on The Big Sports Breakfast, Daley argued the club should be chasing a more “explosive” player for $800,000 per year.

“I said to a mate of mine who’s a Bulldogs supporter, you already have John Bateman there. Josh Jackson is a John Bateman,” Daley said.

“Me personally, I’d be looking for a more damaging back-rower, someone who’s more explosive. You’d look at the financial situation at the club and you’d try and manoeuvre it to pay him a little more.

“I don’t pay him $800,000, $650,000 would be the cut-off. I couldn’t pay $800,000 for him.

“He’s a great player, but when I’m paying $800,000 I want someone who’s going to bring something a little different to what John’s going to bring to the team.”

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