Peter V’landys shrugs off Nine’s threats saying NRL has a “legally binding contract”


ARLC chairman Peter V’landys has shrugged off Channel Nine’s threat that it could walk away from the game reminding the network it had a contract with the NRL.

V’landys response came from direct comments made by Nine CEO Hugh Marks who said on Tuesday that the NRL had to “pay its way”.

“There’s a contract in place – a legally binding contract and even Hugh himself would understand that,” V’landys said.

“So basically he would have to get out of the contract. There’s a long way to play yet. He’s playing a strategic game and it’s working well for him. So I’m not going to criticise it. We’ll keep moving forward with them.

“I’m still confident we’ll come to a resolution.

“But never-the-less, as a good partner, we’re looking to assist them in these harsh economic times.

We don’t want our partner to suffer significant losses.

“Naturally, we’re at the table talking about it.”

Meanwhile Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a clear message for anti-vaxxers in the NRL.

Asked to comment by Ray Hadley on 2GB about the situation with players like Bryce Cartwright, Morrison replied, “no jab, no play”.

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