“Just Silly”: Legend says Cody Walker should have known better after video goes viral


Former Australian and Blues forward Mark Geyer has labeled Cody Walker’s actions in a video that now gone viral online as ‘silly’ with the South Sydney five-eigth facing a suspension and fine for his involvement in the fight.

The video shows Walker, with his back to the camera, charging at another man and kicking him in a supposed attempt to break up a fight involving a family member.

“Silly, just silly – how many times have we told rugby league players on this show that mobile phones these days are like a loaded gun? They’re very dangerous,” Geyer said on Triple M on Monday night.

“You’ve got to be on your guard 24/7 as a rugby league player these days and if you don’t realise that maybe there’s another sport for you.

“I think the irony of this is [the fine] is somewhere around the ransom – I’d say 10, maybe $10,000.”

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