Roosters star reveals senior teammates are helping young squad members financially

Sydney Roosters star Victory Radley has revealed that senior teammates have been looking after younger members of the squad financially as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on.

Speaking on Triple M on Wednesday night, Radley said the acts of kindness made him feel ‘safe’.

“The last couple of weeks, blokes like Jake (Friend), Jared (Waerea-Hargreaves) and (Luke) Keary have really been helping the group,” Radley told Triple M’s Rush Hour with MG.

“We’ve got a couple of young kids that could be struggling and I’ve seen all these leaders stand up and help every single young boy out.

“If any of us ever needed anything, they were the first to offer up whatever it was, even if it was cash. They’ve all offered cash to everyone, ‘Boydo’, so if anyone’s struggling we’ve got a really tight thing that’s been going on in our group chat which makes me feel really safe.”

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