100 things we loved about rugby league in the 1990’s


Who didn’t love the 1990’s? What a time to be alive. We had Rams and Magpies and Crushers, oh my!

Okay so maybe you didn’t love the whole Super League War. But come on, the rest of it was pretty cool!

We’ve come up with 100 things we loved about footy in the 1990’s.

Let us know if we’ve left something out!


Legitimate Friday night blockbusters

Tina Turner

The jerseys

The original Channel 9 Commentary Team

Daytime footy

The Bears

ABC Saturday afternoon footy

The Footy Show (when it was funny)

The ‘Goldstar’ Magpies

Laurie Nicholls at Leichhardt

Terry Lamb tries at Belmore

Frilingos carving up Hadley on 2UE

Footy on Channel 10

Kangaroo Tours

Harragon versus Carroll

The Steelers

Pepsi sponsoring Manly

Rugby league in Adelaide

The Western Reds

Mahatma Cote

Raiders versus Broncos

Everyone versus Broncos

The Crushers

Captain Charger

The Brick with Eyes

Billy Thorpe’s Friday night footy theme

Torpedo pants

Fittler’s side step

Massive shoulder pads

The Tooheys Challenge

Kickers using sand

Kicking duels between fullbacks

Langer versus Stuart

Saturday night footy at Caltex Field

E.T carving everyone up at Caltex Field

Bill Harrigan

Craig Field carrying Souths on his little back

Lyons to Menzies

The World Sevens

Elias versus Walters

Doubles in the main game

Watching all three grades

The Seagulls

Sizzler at Kogarah

Greg McCallum’s beard

North Sydney Oval

The Raging Bull

The ‘Dah Dah’ Panthers

Eastlake calling Origin

Newcastle’s grand final celebration

Recording games on VHS

Motor mouth Mundine

Full strength beer at the footy

When the Haka wasn’t that scary

Chewing gum in the footy card pack

“The Axe”

Mullins running out of the stadium

“The King” Wally Lewis

Joey’s debut

Coca-Cola Kangaroo Tour cards

ARL 96 computer game

Darryl Halligan’s boot

“The Penguin”

Gould versus Bennett

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The Hunter Mariners

Melbourne’s Olympic Park

Cronulla’s Reebok jersey

Nathan Brown’s hair

Optus Vision

“Fatty’s f****** catch!”

Hammering the French

Winning a World Cup with half a team

Tawera Nikau’s mullet

Metal studs

Hitro Okasene

Rugby League Week

Darren Albert’s try

The Winfield Cup trophy

Mark ‘The Magpie’

The birth of ‘The Falcon’

Phil Blake

The MCG Origin brawl

Yellow Steeden’s

Cardboard corner posts

Crowd horns

Parramatta Stadium

Electric tape on boots


Opening of the Olympic Stadium

Big League’s Cheerleader of the Week

Stanley the Steel Avenger

Blacklock post-try front flips

Madison head gear

Brad Mackay’s curls

Harrigan versus Gould

Brisbane’s Power’s jersey

“Big Mal”

Canterbury’s SFS comeback versus Eels

Bennett versus Smith

Everyone wore black boots

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