AFL heavyweight Eddie McGuire defends NRL for going ahead with season

AFL commentator and Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has defended the NRL’s decision to continue on with its season as his own sport was shut down yesterday.

“The NRL, it’s a different competition. They play in three states but with one team in Melbourne, whereas the AFL, once the borders closed in South Australia and Western Australia, it became self-evident that we couldn’t go on with it,” McGuire said.

“I don’t think it’s time to be nit-picking on anybody else.

“They’ve been making the decisions with the information they have in front of them.”

Meanwhile NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has revealed on Triple M that both the federal and NSW government were keen to see the NRL play on.

“Our circumstances are a little different to the AFL, although in saying that we are going to take advice today from both federal and state government, and obviously our health experts,” Greenberg said.

“We have been encouraged by both governments to keep going.”

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