Kalyn Ponga hits back after odd comments in 2019 about former coach Nathan Brown

Newcastle Knights superstar Kalyn Ponga says he won’t change his ways after a tumultuous 2019 in the media which included giving an odd answer about thickshakes after coach Nathan Brown was sacked.

Ponga was hammered by the media and fans at the time.

“I was at lunch having a nice strawberry thickshake so I wasn’t too sad,” the Kangaroos and Maroons star said.

Ponga responded.

Yes we’re all a bit over the Rabbitohs versus Roosters thing but we can still learn plenty about rebuilding grudge matches in the NRL

“There were a lot of lessons learnt, definitely in the media. But in saying that, I’m not going to fabricate anything,” Ponga told NRL.com.

“I’m still going to be authentic and be me. That’s what I’m good at – I’m good at being me.”

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