May 19, 2022

A road goes two ways: Why you have already found Josh Reynolds guilty for the rest of his life

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Josh Reynolds we have a problem. It may not be your fault and many within the game that have heard bits and pieces will side with you. There’s heaps more to this story. But Josh, you’re already royally screwed.

For here stands a rugby league player…thug, scum, meathead.

What are we to do?

Only predators and abusers players in the NRL, right?

That’s what most think, anyway.

NRL is celebrity and if you’re a celebrity you are a lamb to the slaughter.

Guilty first, guilty second and if you’re not – you’re still stained with a brush of blood for the rest of your life.

O.J Simpson slaughtered his wife and was found not guilty. Aaron Hernandez was a serial killer and was given a $40 million contract – not that the New England Patriots knew at the time.

A professional footy player is screwed before something like this ever begins.

O.J and Hernandez are/were monsters.

Real monsters.

Unfortunately, Australia has gone on holiday, been naughty and come home and blamed it on America.

‘Sorry babe, I must have caught it off the toilet seat’.

Ameeeerrrrricaaaaa…F*** yeah!

So here we are.

A video has emerged of Josh Reynolds and its gone viral.

It’s ‘alarming’ said and called it ‘disturbing’.

Your writer had to watch it again while writing this piece. To get there, I had to watch an ad for McDonald’s – yeah the sponsors!

‘Want to see an angry footy player? Get some freaking Big Macs and nuggets in your guts…have a coke too’

Nothing like 2020 journalism like peeling through layers of shit just to get to something just as shit.

Reynolds begins by calmly (almost) saying, “I want you out of my house”.

How much more do you need to see?

Why is this on Australia’s biggest websites?

What is journalism anymore?

It must and will be noted that Reynolds turned himself into police in late December over an alleged domestic violence incident. The lady in question went to police with bruising on her arm and leg. Reynolds was charged.

“The NRL takes any allegation of violence or disrespect towards women extremely seriously,” the NRL said at the time.

“The Integrity Unit is seeking further information from NSW Police before determining any immediate action.”

Josh Reynolds could be found absolutely guilty. There’s a chance more information could come out that Reynolds may not be the loveable larrikin that we all thought he was.

But that’s too easy.

Your writer doesn’t believe anything at this stage.

Most roads go both ways but unfortunately for Mr Reynolds, he’s already hung and he’s hung high and he’s dry.

This is the precious line our players walk.

Josh Reynolds shouldn’t talk to anyone like that.

What we saw in that tiny little video was aggressive behaviour.

To the letter of the law… that is domestic violence.

Reynolds went to Instagram to reply, “Truth. Always. Wins. Unfortunately … Liars gets their turns first.”

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence isn’t just physical. The mental aspect, over time, can be just as damaging. There’s no winners here. Only victims. So your question, that you must ask is, who is being played here?

It’s very easy for a news outlet to buy a video of an angry, anxious, frustrated football player screaming at someone behind a phone.

But who is behind the phone?

What are their motives?

We’re not saying Josh Reynolds is innocent.

It’s just impossible to get both sides.

How far down the cave do you really want to go and how dirty do you really want to get?

Either way, Reynolds is screwed.


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