‘You absolute freaks’: John Bateman calls out ‘journalist’ for contacting mother of his child


Canberra star John Bateman has taken to social media to call out a supposed journalist who inboxed Bateman’s ex-partner attempting to get more information about their private lives.

Bateman was quite rightfully furious.

“Hi we think we have the correct Chloe?,” the user said.

“Were you in a relationship with John Bateman Canberra Raiders second row player?

“If this is true we know he has not painted you in a brilliant light in his previous interview with Triple M footy and to the NRL.

“Do you have any information that could useful to a online newspaper? Instant cash for any stories that are true and can be backed up with evidence?

“Do you know any of his friends who are willing to dish any information?

Get back to me and I’ll give you my email and we can FaceTime as I’m in WA at the moment.

“No come backs to you we can assure that! Unless you want to.

“Many thanks, Jager.”

Bateman was quick to fire up.

“Who ever this is, sending messages like this to my daughter’s mother,” he wrote on Twitter.

“You really need to get a grip, you absolute freaks!

“But if you want some stories and are handing cash out come see me I’ll tell you my self you set of muppets!”

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