Jai Arrow shoots down reports he is leaving Gold Coast behind for a new start in Sydney


Gold Coast’s representative forward Jai Arrow has shot down speculation he is on his way out of the Titans after recently being linked to both South Sydney and the Sydney Roosters.

Speaking on the Beers ‘n’ Banter podcast, Arrow rubbished reports he was already gone.

“I’ve come out openly and said I’d love to stay, that was my priority from the start but I’m still waiting for everything to be put in front of me,” Arrow said.

“I’ve spoken to Justin [Coach Holbrook] about it, what better place to live than the Gold Coast?”

“Play footy up here professionally and win games and potentially win a comp. That’s my goal, I’ve spoken about that – I want to win a comp and what better way to do it than in my hometown?

“Imagine the party the Gold Coast would throw if we won a comp.

“If we can get the right people, which I think we do. On paper we have a strong a side as anyone in the comp.”

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