Easts versus Souths: Roosters and Rabbitohs fans explain exactly why they hate each other


It is the oldest club rivalry in the National Rugby League. The Rabbitohs of Redfern against the Roosters of Bondi. Souths versus Easts. The bad blood is real.

Tonight at ANZ Stadium, these old foes clash again. A top four shootout.

The rivalry is fierce on-field but nowhere is it more legitimate than in the stands. They may be neighbours, but fans of these two clubs couldn’t be any more different.

In the lead up to this blockbuster showdown, the81stminute.com asked diehards from both sides of Anzac Parade what it means to hate one another.

Rabbitohs fans…

“I hate the constant belittling by their fans. Their constant persistence in trying to convince everyone and themselves they are the biggest team in Sydney is pretty funny” – Matthew

“Because they are the most soulless team in the league. Uncle Nick with big pockets may help fund their cause but their fair weathered supporters go MIA when things get tough. They will forever be in our shadow. Glory Glory” – Karen

“Just hate them. Don’t need a reason. It’s in my DNA” – Craig

“I hate the Roosters because of the way they rip clubs apart buying their best players year after year. The last straw for me was when they signed our captain Ashley Harrison. And how the NRL let them rort the cap” – Michael

“We all hate those cafe latte-sipping, caviar-eating, boat shoe-wearing, salary cap cheating Bondi grubs for their complete lack of heart, tradition, loyalty, juniors & ethics. They will forever be in our shadow. SSTID”Ben

“We gave them half of our juniors area to save them from extinction and when they tried to boot us out of the comp it was the Roosters who wanted to take us over and become one big Sydney team” – John

“Because they think they are a class above us and because they sent out leaflets in our towns in 2000 when we were out of the comp trying to woo our fans over to them. Absolute Grubs” – Rusty

“They along with Manly ripped the heart out of the Rabbits in the early Seventies buying our players and it hasn’t stopped. We breed them they steal them. They will never get out from under our shadow. That’s why we’re the PRIDE OF THE LEAGUE” – Wayne

Roosters fans…

“Their fans live in the past! One grand final in 40 years does not make them the better team. Plus, they’re our biggest rivals! Oh not to mention…red and green? Only Freddy Kruger can pull those colours off lol” – Krissy

“The claim has always been that the Roosters are the glamour club with all the cash while the Bunnies have nothing, struggled for all their lives etc. For me it all started back in 1908 when they won the first NSWRL title beating an under strength Eastern Suburbs team, half of which were on their way to England to play for the Kangaroos. Move forward 12 months & the Bunnies steal the title against Balmain. Set the tone for the rest of their existence” – Mark

“Perhaps the territory grab by Souths in early 50’s was the catalyst?” – Graham

“They took our territory, our junior clubs and our players” – Gary

“Quite simply, they’re born with chips on their shoulders and have an entitled attitude ingrained in them from day one. They’re jealous of who we are and what we’re about. They’re the ones who really are in our shadow. Not the other way around” – Rob

“Moving the boundary from east of Anzac Parade to north of Alison Road through Randwick jct and then Coogee Bay Road. How can Coogee be split in two? Even the Maroubra Lions keep getting a mention to come back” – Michael

“Rabbitohs fans love to talk about how the Roosters don’t have juniors or fans. Get back on your side of Anzac Parade and stop migrating north into our territory – you can’t cry poor anymore. Clovelly is ours, Coogee is ours, Maroubra should even be ours (but you know what? You can have that hell hole)” – Christian

“Because they are grubs and play dirty” – Anna

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