Sorry Joey Leilua: Kneeing a defenseless player in the back isn’t very intimidating


Somebody may want to teach Canberra Raiders centre Joey Leilua the meaning of ‘intimidation’ as he prepares to return from a two week suspension – just in time for the first week of the finals.

“I play with a lot of aggression and that comes with some discipline stuff, but at the same time, I won’t change who I am,” Leilua told AAP.

“A lot of teams try to intimidate people and if you don’t bring intimidation then nobody is going to fear you, so that’s why you’ve got to take it out there sometimes.”

Sorry Joey, dropping your knees into the back of an opponent that has just scored a try and can’t defend himself isn’t very intimidating.

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Leilua was scratched for two games for kneeing Manly winger Rueben Garrick. The illegal play was penalised on-field with the Sea Eagles getting an eight-point try costing Canberra the match. Leilia was also sin-binned.

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The return of the Samoan International comes on the back of another suspension for rookie forward Hudson Young who has been banished until April 2020 for a second eye gouge this season.

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