Todd Greenberg confirms NRL is pushing forward with trade window proposition

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has revealed that the competition has full support of the clubs and respective states over finalising a trade window which would put to bed much of the contract speculation that plagues the premiership.

There could be as many as three trade windows throughout the year.

“Sometimes I think it’s a little messy – and I think the fans find it very frustrating – when there’s this constant movement of clubs throughout the year, when they’re playing in the jersey of the team they support,” Greenberg said.

“And I think there’s a way for us, without removing all the freedom of contracts that the players currently enjoy, to still make a more orderly process out of all this.

“I’m not suggesting I’m going to be stopping clubs and coaches having coffee shop meetings – that’s never going to stop.

“What I am suggesting is that there are periods of time during the year where we openly announce them, talk about them, and disclose them.”

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