Police commander reveals Immortal Graeme Langlands was ‘brains trust’ behind plan to bring $20m worth of heroin into Australia


Australian Federal Police Commander Grant Edwards has revealed he spent over twelve months investigating rugby league Immortal Graeme Langlands for attempting to import heroin into the country.

Edwards has told Daily Mail Australia that a sting outside Langlands’ home in 2001 almost saw the St George icon arrested.

“Langlands was petrified that his house could be bugged so he did all his meetings on a traffic island outside his house,” Commander Edwards said.

“I can still see the meeting in my head and feel the pain of when it all went to dust.”

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“Langlands was the brains trust, it was his idea, he had the plan.

“I gathered from the language he used and the way that he spoke that he’d done it before, he wasn’t fumbling through, he knew what he was doing. It wasn’t the first time.”

If successful, Commander Edwards says 10 kilograms of heroin worth up to $20 million would have made it onto Sydney’s streets.

Langlands died last year aged 76.

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