NRL fan poll: Supporters want expansion into Perth, prefer Friday over Sunday and a transfer window


The myth that rugby league fans prefer day time footy is dead and buried with the official NRL fan poll revealing more supporters prefer the Friday 8pm over the classic Sunday afternoon slot.

From almost 15,000 votes so far, 30% say the Friday night fixture is their favourite to watch. Surprisingly, just 16% prefer Sunday 4pm.

In other updates:

  • 54% of fans believe the Bunker should be used less
  • 62% of fans believe the referees have been below average or poor this season
  • 77% think the current match review committee/judiciary process is not fair
  • 64% would like to see a transfer window
  • 66% want to see expansion with 34% of people believing Perth is next in line for an NRL team (next best was Central Coast with 17%

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  • 72% wanted to see Women’s State of Origin expanded to a three game series
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