‘A fine line between playing a villain and being a dickhead’: Addin Fonua-Blake ripped to shreds after on-field taunt


Canberra Raiders CEO Don Furner has ripped into Manly prop Addin Fonua-Blake after the Sea Eagle taunted Raiders fans after a narrow 18-14 win on Sunday.

“He should grow up,’’ Furner told The Daily Telegraph.

“You can win graciously but maybe he doesn’t know what that word means.

“We have the best fans that come out in all conditions and that was our biggest home crowd of the year.

“That is just a childish act.”

And Furner has many supporters including editor of the81sminute.com and head caller on steelesports.com.au, Curtis Woodward.

“We need characters in our game but there’s a fine line between playing a villain and being a dickhead,” Woodward said.

“People can see straight through it.

“Let’s not forget why the Dragons sacked him. He assaulted his girlfriend. You don’t get to carry on after a win like that (against Canberra) if you have done something as low as that.”

Fonua-Blake had previously taken on the Newcastle crowd after being sent from the field earlier in the year against the Knights.

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