‘Sheens as head coach, Walker boys run the attack’: Could the Titans make it work?


The hot debate since the Gold Coast punted coach Garth Brennan has been what type of boss they need above an under-achieving playing squad.

Titans management has already conceded that if the next coach doesn’t make it work, the club could be out of the NRL.

Do they need a hardened dictator or someone with fresh eyes?

“How about both?” The81stMinute Call Team head caller and site editor Curtis Woodward asked.

“You need someone like Tim Sheens pulling these guys into line. But they also need to be creative and some fresh eyes on the game. I’m sure Sheens can work with the Walker boys. Make Sheens head coach and have Ben and Shane (Walker) run the attack.

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“The Walker boys have changed the game in the QLD Cup. They’ve won a comp. Sheens has done everything and won a title with an attacking team at Wests Tigers. He knows the game back to front.

“Sheens could be the perfect foil and just pull the Walker’s game plan (back) slightly to make it work in the NRL.

“If you get Sheens then Mal Meninga’s job as a consultant becomes redundant.

“Sheens can also strengthen ties with local schools like Palm Beach and Keebra Park and the greater regions down into New South Wales. If they start getting the best kids they’ll win a competition in the next ten years.

“It could work.”

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