Making Tasmanian Rugby League great again! NRL pledge support to bring rugby league back to Tassie


The NRL has pledged to help bring rugby league back to the state of Tasmania.

If you tuned in to The81stMinute Commentary Team’s coverage on a few weeks back you would have heard the news that the team was “adopting” Tasmanian Rugby League.

The team and long-time listener Benny Storer (a Wests tragic living in the Apple Isle), have gone back and forth many times about the commentary team heading down to Tasmania to call a game of footy.

But things have been bad down in Tassie.

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Tasmania once had a thriving state-wide rugby league competition with upwards of ten teams. Now, with little support, there isn’t enough interest at the moment to get the competition back on its feet.

Rugby league in Tasmania dates back to the 1950’s.

“We have always said we will come down and call a game of footy in Tasmania one day,” host and lead caller Curtis Woodward said on air.

“If we can help get the comp back and running again in any way – we’ll be there to call as many games as we can. Why can’t we drum up some support up here in Sydney? Peter Beattie and Todd Greenberg follow us on Twitter. We’ll just slide into their DM’s!”

Well, we did just that and got an almost immediate response from ARL Commissioner Professor Megan Davis.

Now we have received word from the Tasmanian Rugby League Twitter page that the NRL has reached out to them!

“..Hoping to make contact with local people with the view of resurrecting Rugby League in Tasmania,” the e-mail said.

“Would it be possible to catch up on the phone so that we can discuss your plan plus a wish for the NRL to commence Junior League activities in Tasmania?”

How good is that!

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