Hot dogs, milkshakes and roller coasters: Do we even know what we’re talking about anymore?



Rugby league can be a punish sometimes. Not the game itself. What a product. The issue is the million things going on around it.

It is like slamming a hot dog and chocolate milkshake and then jumping on a rollercoaster. All well and good until you have to stick your head in a bin. After a few minutes you want to do it all again.

Sometimes you have just to sit back and enjoy the chaos.

Earlier in the week it was reported that Wests Tigers had come to an agreement to bring veteran and Parramatta reserve grader Tim Mannah across for the remainder of the season.

Great if you can find something positive to say about the whole thing.

Your writer is still not sure how Mannah can make any possible improvement to an already battling Wests Tigers team.

That came after Wests Tigers missed out on Dallin Watene-Zalezniak after the Penrith Panthers released him… because… who knows?

Apparently Dane Gagai wants out of South Sydney because they signed James Roberts.

Rabbitohs coach Wayne Bennett denies it but he also denied any interest in Roberts too.

Parramatta just re-signed the inconsistently consistent Mitchell Moses for $2.5 million.

Yep – that happened.

They also re-signed coach Brad Arthur.

Some Eels fans were left scratching their heads.

Do these clubs actually know what they’re doing?

The NRL is meant to be an elite competition yet we have all these clubs blindly signing whoever they can get their hands on and paying big money while they’re at it.

Adding fuel to the blaze is the click bait being churned out and spat all over the internet by once great and never good journalists.

Day after day we are seeing “exclusive” and “breaking” reports of a player heading elsewhere.

Incredibly, we already have several writers speculating on Kalyn Ponga’s future despite being on contract with Newcastle for another two years.

It’s nauseating.

Then there’s the NRL Grand Final debate.

Should it stay in Sydney while ANZ Stadium and the Sydney Football Stadium are being rebuilt?

Look at your own record, Braith: Blues legend blasts Anasta over Cleary comments

Well, yes. It’s called a contractual obligation.

How do you think we got the money to build these new stadiums?

Still, we have some who can’t quite get their heads around it and still want the NRL to somehow magically shift it up to Brisbane.

An editor on a popular sports opinion site came out on Friday and rubbished the NRL and argued why the grand final should be played at Suncorp Stadium. Not once did he mention the binding agreement between the NRL and the NSW Government. Now we’re just leaving facts out to argue the point.

‘Tell him to piss off’: Riddell takes aim at Elias over Mannah comments

Do we even know what we’re talking about anymore?

Expansion? Awesome.

Another team in Brisbane? Really?

It’s madness.

A hot dog and chocolate milkshake thanks.


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