‘Haven’t spoken to him yet’: Cameron Murray says he’s “shattered” for axed Blues teammate Cody Walker

New South Wales forward Cameron Murray says he is “shattered” for axed club teammate Cody Walker after the South Sydney star was overlooked for State of Origin Game II in Perth.

“I’m shattered, I actually haven’t had a chance to call him yet it’s been a busy couple of days for me,” Murray told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Hopefully I get some down time today (Tuesday) to give him a call but from reports from Damien Cook he seems to be okay.

“It’s a shame, I guess it’s a roller coaster of emotions for him, he gets his debut and gets to be where he’s always wanted to be ever since he was a kid and now he has to deal with the disappointment of being dropped.

“He’s a strong man and he’ll deal with it. He’s got a really strong family base around him and everyone at the club at Souths will be really supportive of him.

“If there’s any positives you can take out of it, he can rest the body up. I know the boys back at club land have a couple of days off so it’ll be good for him to refresh himself and get his focus back at club land, so hopefully I get to ring him and see how he is.”

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