NSW Blues State of Origin team based on Arthur Beetson Medal votes


State of Origin is not that far away and defending champs New South Wales won’t be making too many changes to the team that won last year’s crown.

But our monkeys at the81stminute.com have come up with this side, anyway.

Based on Arthur Beetson Medal votes, we’ve collated the below team.

For reference, some players have been left out if they play the same position as someone who has more votes.

For balance, we have also shifted some players to other positions to accommodate another.

Otherwise, we’d have five or six halfbacks in the starting side alone!

Arthur Beetson Medal – full board

The 2019 Arthur Beetson Medal is thanks to Barkingham Palace Dog Grooming at Leumeah… Where every pup’s a king or queen!


1 James Tedesco 5 votes
2 Blake Ferguson 4 votes
3 Latrell Mitchell 7 votes
4 Clint Gutherson 9 votes
5 Michael Gordon 4 votes
6 Cody Walker 9 votes
7 Adam Reynolds 6 votes
8 Daniel Alvaro 3 votes
9 Robbie Farah 7 votes
10 Paul Vaughan 6 votes
11 Dale Finucane 4 votes
12 Ryan Matterson 6 votes
13 Jake Trbojevic 7 votes

14 Luke Keary 6 votes
15 David Klemmer 3 votes
16 Boyd Cordner 3 votes
17 Reagan Campbell-Gillard 2 votes

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